Law Society

Council Election 2021

The 2021 Council Election has now closed

Election results can be viewed here.

The Law Society Council

The Law Society Council consists of 21 Councillors (two City Councillors, two Suburban Councillors, two Country Councillors, two Corporate Councillors, two Government Councillors, two Large Firm Councillors, one Young Lawyer Councillor and eight Councillors not elected to specific Reserved Positions) and any Senior Office Bearer whose elected term of office has expired (for more information about the Council, click here).

The work required of Law Society Councillors is demanding and involves a substantial commitment of time and effort. Members of the Council, other than Office Bearers, might expect to commit, on average, the equivalent of at least one half-day a week to Law Society business, excluding reading and preparation times.

The Council currently meets monthly and more frequently when required. The usual commencement time for monthly meetings is 4.00pm, and Council may sit for three hours or longer. In addition, Councillors are required to serve on committees involving Law Society representational and regulatory activities and attend a considerable number of functions arranged by the Law Society from time to time.