Future Young Lawyers Program

Join us for our Future Young Lawyers Program

The Future Young Lawyers Program is an online initiative created for students to observe and learn from the comfort of their homes.

Implemented in March 2020, the program was established to ensure we adapted to the environment and create new opportunities for students. The Future Young Lawyers Program was implemented to cover the weeks the Mock Law Programs were offline, with an opportunity for students to learn from experienced and knowledgeable solicitors.

The Program ran over 6 weeks, covering topics including an introduction to Australian Legal Systems, Advocacy, Law Reform, Policy and Ethics, as well as Mock trial topics to keep teams on their toes! At the end of each week, a quiz was sent to participants and the results tallied. After the 6-week program concluded, the student with the highest quiz score received special recognition.

The Program was completely free of charge to students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

While this program was implemented in 2020 in lieu of our Mock Law Programs, there are future possibilities of implementing the program in the months or years to come.

Want more info? Email us at student.services@lawsociety.com.au.