Professional Conduct

Advisory Panel (PCAP)

Assistance for solicitors facing disciplinary issues.

The PCAP provides support to solicitors who are or may be subject to disciplinary proceedings including complaints, show cause events and trust accounting issues. The assistance is confidential and independent of the regulatory authorities.

Submit an EOI

NSW solicitors are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to join the Advisory Panel.

Submit an Expression of Interest

Role of the PCAP

The panel consists of experienced solicitors who have in-depth knowledge of the procedures relating to conduct and disciplinary matters.

The panellists are able to help you understand how the regulatory processes work. This is to assist you in interacting with the regulators, including any communications you have with them. The panellists can also direct you to other useful support services. The panel is a service which is there to support you at a difficult time.

The panel's assistance is free. It is not legal advice. However, some of the panellists (as noted beside their names) are available to provide legal services to you. Those services and associated fees are a separate arrangement which you would discuss with the panellist.

These procedures include:

  • complaints
  • show cause events
  • trust accounting issues
  • unqualified practice (by solicitors)
  • costs disputes involving the regulator
  • external interventions
  • compliance audits

PCA Panellists

If you wish to use the PCAP, contact one of the panellists listed below. 




David Castle*#
David Castle Solicitor
Click here to find out more.
16 Bayswater Road
Lindfield NSW 2070
T: 0417 080 320
Tim Cullenward
Peacockes Solicitors
Click here to find out more
43 Church Street
Dubbo NSW 2830
T: 6882 3133
Patricia Jenman
Jenman & McMahon Turner Solicitors and Conveyancers    
Shop 2, 9 Oaks Avenue
Dee Why NSW 2099
T: 0439 792 481
Neil Geikie
Geikie Legal
PO Box 148
Wentworth Falls NSW 2782
T: 04 0953 6871
Rodney Lewis*#
Elderlaw Legal Services
Level 12
32 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000
T: 9232 8033
Angus Macinnis*#
StevensVuaran Lawyers
Click here to find out more
Suite 804, Level 8
46 Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000 
T: 0412 388 177
Patricia Robinson#
PME Robinson & Co
79 Castlereagh Street
Singleton NSW 2330
T: 6571 1188
Greg Ross#
Greg D Ross - Lawyer
  T: 04 1354 4106
Jennifer Shaw*#
Bartier Perry Lawyers
Click here to find out more.
Level 10
77 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
T: 8281 7862
Stephen Titus*#
Carneys Lawyers
Click here to find out more.
Level 2
99 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000
T: 8226 5544
Neil Watt*#
Neil Watt Consulting
Click here to find out more.
Level 5
AWA Building
47 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000
T: 0403 788 127 or 9299 7355
Greg Walsh OAM#
Greg Walsh & Co
8 Letitia Street
Oatley NSW 2223
T: 9570 6511 or 0414 970 132

* indicates support for show cause events
# indicates available to act on your behalf