David Castle


As a solicitor for over 50 years I have experience in big, medium and small firms and in all aspects of business law and mediation.

I have been on the Council of the Law Society, the foundation president of the City of Sydney Law Society, a costs assessor and on many law society committees including ethics, ADR, and business law. I am currently on the Law Council of Australia tax committee, specialising in the regulation of tax agents.

I have long been involved in professional regulation. Starting with membership of the Law Society statutory committee and legal profession disciplinary tribunal, I've been president of the Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board and of the New South Wales Tax Agents Board . So professional regulation, in all its aspects, has long been a specialty – covering lawyers, auditors, liquidators, tax agents and stock brokers.

Now in sole practice, I have the time and experience to offer support and guidance to fellow legal practitioners in all aspects of professional conduct.