The Law Society seeks to align the commercial imperatives that drive the business of legal practice with the regulatory framework largely contained in the Legal Profession Uniform Law.

This approach encourages solicitors to view regulatory compliance, not as an authoritative burden, but as a means to generate client satisfaction and drive profitability.

Regulatory Compliance Support Unit (RCSU)

The Regulatory Compliance Support Unit offers solicitors confidential assistance to prevent compliance issues from escalating into complaints and disciplinary actions. The RCSU is staffed by two experienced solicitors in the Law Society’s Professional Standards Department, who have detailed knowledge of the Uniform Law and an understanding of solicitors’ working lives. The RCSU can assist you with the following queries:


As sole practitioners, sole principals of incorporated legal practices and sole principals of unincorporated legal practices, (‘sole principals’) you are particularly vulnerable to disruption if you are sud­denly unable to manage your law practice.

For more information, please see our Contingency plan for sole principals: how to nominate your personal representative and an alternate.


  • Choosing a law practice structure – please contact the Regulatory Compliance Support Unit on 02 9926 0115 for any enquiries relating to practice structures.
  • Practice Management – for tips on how to manage your practice read the Compliance review toolkit.
  • Business Development – for a wealth of articles on developing your practice read the update on Advertising Legal Services
  • Trust account issues – see our Trust account seminar notes 


The Law Society of NSW and its partner insurer Lawcover are alerting lawyers about the growing risk of cyber fraud as legal practitioners increasingly shifted their businesses online during 2020.

View our range of fact sheets, including regulatory obligations for law practices and individuals.