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Law Society Committees have powers, authorities and tasks delegated by the Council. Consisting of dedicated volunteers, each committee focuses on a particular area of law, pooling together specialist skills and experience in order to scrutinise legislation, court decisions and other government policies.

Committees are involved in different areas and there are three broad categories:

  • Regulatory committees – perform statutory duties under the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW)
  • Liaison committees – linked to other professions or organisations
  • Policy committees

By drawing on the insights of committees, the Law Society can in turn meet its statutory duties and act as a major player in law reform and policy debates.

Joining a standing committee

Applications for 2020 Law Society Committees are now open. To apply, please complete the Expression of Interest Form by 27 September 2019.


  • Applicants for committees are to be in a position to devote approximately one day per month to the work of each of their committees
  • Current committee members who are representatives of their respective organisations do not need to apply through this recruitment process

Further queries can be directed to Philippa Wilde via email

Current committees

There are currently 27 standing committees and one board (the Specialist Accreditation Board). For the roles and priorities of the committees, see the 2019 Committees List. Any amendments to this list will be advised via Monday Briefs.

Click here to view our list of current committees.

For further information see the Committee Handbook and the submission papers below.