indemnity insurance

The Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) requires solicitors to hold or be covered by an approved insurance policy for NSW before they engage in legal practice in NSW. Similar provisions apply to an incorporated legal practice. Corporate legal practitioners and government legal practitioners are exempted under the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules except in connection with their engaging in legal practice as a volunteer.

The approved policy is available from Lawcover. Although the Law Society is responsible for appointing the members of Lawcover’s Board, the activities of Lawcover are not controlled by the Law Society. It operates independently to provide a fully confidential service to solicitors.

For more information about Lawcover and professional indemnity insurance visit their website.


Professional indemnity insurance cover is required by all insurable solicitors in NSW unless exempted.

Each year the Law Society's Council exempts certain categories of solicitors from the requirement to be insured under the approved policy in NSW, subject to certain conditions.

These categories may include solicitors in interstate practices, legal aid organisations, community legal centres and overseas practices.

An Exemption form will be sent to eligible firms from the Registry. Blank forms are available here.

For more information about exemptions contact the Law Society.

Registered Community Legal Services may now insure through Lawcover

Lawcover now offers an approved professional indemnity insurance policy for community legal services operating in NSW and registered with the Law Society. The policy offers the same broad coverage offered to private law practices, including run off cover. Community legal services do not need to apply for an exemption from holding an approved insurance policy if insured with Lawcover

 For information and assistance, please contact Lawcover directly on 1800 650 748 or