Steps you can take if you have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment, discrimination or victimisation.


Statement from the Legal Services Commissioner, and the Presidents of the Law Society and Bar Association

Report Sexual Harassment to the Office of the NSW Legal Services Commissioner

The Law Society of New South Wales (the Law Society) and the New South Wales Bar Association (the Bar Association) together with the Office of the New South Wales Legal Services Commissioner (OLSC) are committed to eliminating sexual harassment and other inappropriate conduct  in the legal profession.

A key step towards achieving this goal is the OLSC initiative to create a platform to provide a safe space for victims and witnesses to report incidents.

This initiative is supported by the Law Society and the Bar Association.

The OLSC has a dedicated team to support reporting and has implemented secure technology provided by an independent provider. This platform, known as Elker, will facilitate reporting an incident you have either witnessed, or experienced. This will be securely sent to the OLSC team.

The platform will log your matter, provide you with some preliminary information, connect you to the OLSC support team and provide you with a mechanism for checking on your matter’s progress.

If you wish to make a report using the platform, click here.

The Elker platform is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You can remain completely anonymous while making your report. While anonymous you can communicate with the OLSC team by encrypted 2-way chat (OLSC staffed in office hours only).

The Law Society and the Bar Association strongly support this initiative and are firmly committed to building awareness of it within the profession.   They do not have any access to the information you submit through the system.

The OLSC support team is solely responsible for implementing and managing the system and are the only ones who can access or review the information you submit.  The OLSC privacy policy is available here.

If you require technical support while using the system, please contact

Making a report to the Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission investigates complaints about sexual harassment, discrimination and breaches of human rights. You can submit a complaint online using this form here.

Making a report to Anti-Discrimination NSW

Certain types of discrimination are against the law in specific areas of public life in New South Wales. If a resolution cannot be reached with the other party, and your allegations are covered by the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977, you can submit a complaint with Anti-Discrimination NSW. Find out more.

Know Where the Line Is

'Know Where the Line Is' is a national awareness-raising strategy designed to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. It provides employers and employees with educational resources to create safe and equal workplaces; such as ideas on how to take bystander action and tips on developing strategies to combat harassment.

'Know Where the Line Is' is a collaboration between the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry