NSW Young Lawyers

President's Message

Olivia Irvine - President, NSW Young Lawyers

I am delighted to welcome you to NSW Young Lawyers 2023 year - it is a year to celebrate, as we mark our 60th anniversary.

We are a community of 15 Sub-Committees, each of which runs monthly meetings, on top of which we offer professional, networking, and development opportunities. View our upcoming events on the NSW Young Lawyers calendar here. We advocate change through submissions on legal and policy reform (you can read our previous submissions here). We exist to support everyone studying or practicing law up to 35 years of age, or in their first 5 years of practice anywhere in NSW – you are very welcome to sign up to our sub-committee mailing lists through LawID, connect with us on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, and I hope to see you throughout the year at our events (be it online or in person).

This year, we are grateful for the support of our exceptional 2023 Patron, her Honour Justice Dina Yehia of the Supreme Court. We look forward to learning from her Honour, and her Patron’s address later this year is one of many events that I wouldn’t miss.

As members of the profession (or those working towards that profession) we also seek to support our community, and this year have partnered with the Women’s Housing Company. We look forward to building our understanding, amplifying their message, and supporting funding for their work in providing affordable housing. You can learn more about the Women’s Housing Company, or donate here.

We welcome you, and whether this is your first year with us, or one of many, we are stronger for your ideas, your passion, and your voice.


Olivia Irvine


NSW Young Lawyers