Ensure you comply with mandatory disclosure requirements

To help your law practice comply with mandatory disclosure requirements, the Law Society’s Costs Committee has set up the forms in appendices 1 - 2 in Microsoft Word which you can customise with your firm’s and client’s data. Appendix 3 is a link to relevant Costs Assessment forms. Appendix 4 provides a template for a Privacy Policy.

1. Instructions received from 1 July 2015 (Legal Profession Uniform Law Sch 4 cl 18

For clients other than commercial and government clients (Legal Profession Uniform Law s 170 and Corporations Act 2001 s 45A

Costs disclosure and costs agreement 
Costs disclosure and conditional costs agreement 

Contracting out letters: Please note the implications of Todorovska v Bryden Lawyers P/L [2022] NSWCA 47  in using these precedents. 

Billing notice with trust account and interest notices 

2. Instructions received prior to 1 July 2015 

Costs disclosures and costs agreements plus contracting out letters as used by the law practice prior to 1 July 2015 

Billing notice - Form 3 with trust account and interest notices 

3. Application forms for costs assessment

4. Privacy Policy

A law practice to which the Privacy Act 1988 applies must inform its clients how their personal information is collected and handled. To assist law practices to comply, this policy template is available. It must be adapted to the law practice's circumstances.

Further notes to assist in completing the documents can be found in the Costs Guidebook.