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The Wollongong and District Law Society represents the areas of Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama.

"Our objective as the Wollongong & District Law Society is to apply a community based approach to lobbying on key issues which affect our legal professional at local level".

"It is important as advocates of the community that we support local initiatives and address any concerns the community may have in relation to the legal profession".

"We also aim to educate young lawyers and provide opportunities for members to collaborate together and share resources".

"Our members come from a number of different working backgrounds and have a wide range of expertise in various areas of law".

"Our regional lawyers also offer a comparable experience to lawyers located in Sydney Firms".

"We invite all working practitioners in the area, who haven't done so already to become a member and participate in sharing their ideas and experiences with their legal peers".

Meetings are to take place every three months and the Annual General Meeting is held between August and October each year.


The Wollongong and Regional Law Society has recently held its annual AGM for 2017.

At the AGM, positions for the executive were made available with the following being elected to various positions:

  • President – Melinda Griffiths
  • Vice President – Lorelle Longbottom
  • Treasurer – Martin Culleton
  • Social Secretary – Graham Morrison

Melinda Griffiths Principal lawyer of Slater & Gordon in Wollongong. Melinda has been working as a solicitor for over 20 years with over 15 years in the Wollongong and Illawarra areas.

The Wollongong Law Society aims to assist its members in the lobbying in areas of concern both for the community and its members.

Melinda is also the chair of the Wollongong Charter of the Women’s Lawyers Association and is passionate about the role of women in the law.

I am proud to see that lawyers in the Wollongong and District are specialist in their fields with many being accredited specialists. I believe that our lawyers offer the same levels of service and expertise as metropolitan based lawyers.

If any professional is working in the region and wishes to join the regional society please make contact with me so that I can inform you of our upcoming events which you will be welcomed to attend.

In the coming year, the Wollongong and Regional Law Society has a number of events planned and is working with the Wollongong Charter of the Women’s Lawyers Association and University of Wollongong for an event in Law Week.

Melinda Griffiths has previously represented as Vice President for the previous three years and prior to that for two years as the Social Secretary for the Wollongong Law Society. 

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Membership fees are $60.00 per person

Please contact Martin Culleton, Treasurer of Wollongong & District Law Society at martinc@rmblawyers.com.au.

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Melinda Griffiths
Email: Melinda.Griffiths@slatergordon.com.au


Martin Culleton
Email: martinc@rmblawyers.com.au