Staying well

in the law

Your wellbeing

The Law Society offers resources and education to help solicitors enjoy their life and work, stay connected with others in the profession and up-to-date and informed on how best to stay well and face wellbeing issues in practice.  

Wellbeing seminars and education

The Law Society’s professional development and education courses include seminars on ways to stay well to wellbeing issues faced by solicitors in practice, ranging from mindfulness to managing the risk of vicarious trauma.

To learn more, visit LawInform. 

Staying connected

Staying connected to others in the legal profession is a great way both to give back to your community, as well as to feel personally supported and guided. The Law Society offers a range of mentoring programs that solicitors can volunteer to take part in, either as a mentor or mentee.  Specific mentoring programs are offered for young lawyers and women.

Healthy benefits

The Law Society’s Member Connexion’s program entitles you to a range of healthy lifestyle and personal care benefits, including ways to stay active and fit and help with child care.

To learn more, visit Member Connexions.