Resilience@Law : ‘Staying Well in the Law’

Trilogy video series - Staying Well in the Law.


Resilience@Law (a collaboration of 7 Australian law firms) and other members of the legal profession, have worked with the Black Dog Institute to create a powerful trilogy video series - Staying Well in the Law.

The videos chart the story of one lawyer’s experience with their mental wellness and are beautifully illustrated by creative genius, Matthew Johnstone. Whilst this story charts the wellness journey of a male lawyer, it equally applies to anyone, irrespective of individual differences.

Research shows that one in five of us experience a mental health issue at some point in our lives and the rest may struggle from time to time. This means we all know someone in our family, circle of friends or workplace who needs support. It is everyone’s responsibility to look out for themselves and to encourage those around them experiencing difficulties to seek support for optimal health and wellbeing.