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Specialist Accreditation Program

The Specialist Accreditation Program was established in 1992 and offers accreditation across 13 areas of law; generally on a biennial basis.

Specialist Accreditation is a structured peer assessment process which requires the practitioner to draw on their existing knowledge and skills to demonstrate their competency in their chosen area of practice.

The Specialist Accreditation Program aims to:

  • Provide the profession and the public with a reliable means of identifying practitioners with proven expertise in their chosen area of practice;
  • Contribute to and encourage the continued development and improvement of the standards, quality and delivery of legal services;
  • Promote the advancement of legal education, knowledge and skills; and
  • Provide practitioners with the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in their chosen area of practice and to have this recognised.

If you are a member of the public and would like to know more about the Specialist Accreditation Program please visit For the Community

Accredited Specialists


Renewing accreditation

Specialist Accreditation

Updates, information and materials for annual renewal. More… Program areas, benefits of gaining accreditation. More…

Specialist policies

How to apply

Policies, requirements and support. More… 2018 Guide to Application and Assessment, application form. More...

Promoting accreditation

Assessment information

Promote your accreditation and boost your profile. More… Assessment Requirements. More...

Recognition in other states

 2018 Q&A Sessions

Have your accreditation recognised in another state. More… Information Seminars provides potential candidates with a further understanding if what is required. Register here

Credit for tertiary studies

Which educational institutes offer credit points towards course work for Accredited Specialists? More…  

CPD for Accredited Specialists

Professional development seminars for Accredited Specialists. More...




  • Specialist Accreditation Program
  • The Law Society of NSW
  • 170 Phillip Street
  • Sydney NSW 2000
  • DX 362 Sydney
  • T: (02) 9926 0305
  • F: (02) 9926 0166
  • E: specialists@lawsociety.com.au


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