Promoting your


Gaining accreditation is a significant achievement. Find out how you can make your accreditation help you stand out from the crowd.

Stand out from the crowd 

Gaining accreditation is a significant achievement and a valuable asset. When promoted effectively, your accreditation can really help you stand out from the crowd.

Your accreditation will:

  • differentiate you from colleagues and competitors
  • enhance reputation
  • demonstrate commitment to being a valued and experienced practitioner.

Promoting your Specialist Accreditation

To maintain the integrity of the brand, the Specialist Accreditation Board has developed policies for promotion of Specialist Accreditation which all specialists are expected to follow. These policies can be found in the 

Download the Promoting your Specialist Accreditation guidelines.

Key Tips 

  • Specialist Accreditation is the achievement of an individual, not a firm at large.
  • Stay renewed. Only Accredited Specialists who have renewed their accreditation annually can promote themselves as an Accredited Specialist;
  • There are three types of logos available to use, but they cannot be altered in any way;
  • If you are on or seeking a leave of absence, you must refrain from holding yourself out as a specialist during that time.

Requesting Logos or Feedback

All logos can be requested via email from the Specialist Accreditation team.

Please ensure in your email you include the full name of the specialist(s) the logo is being requested for. The department will verify their status as a specialist before the logo is provided.