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R U OK?Day

How to ask, ‘Are you Ok?’
Christine Morgan, Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar, Melinda Upton and Courtney Bowie


In collaboration with NSW Young Lawyers and their 2021 charity partner, Minds Count Foundation, the Law Society of NSW hosted a Staying Well in the Law online panel event to mark R U OK? Day on Thursday 9 September, focusing on how to practically ask, “Are you ok?”

Facilitated by Christine Morgan, CEO of the National Mental Health Commission, our expert panellists discussed the importance of normalising mental health conversations with colleagues and the positive personal impacts these conversations can have.


Christine Morgan

Christine Morgan | Read bio
Chief Executive Officer
National Mental Health Commission
National Suicide Prevention Officer to Scott Morrison

Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar

Malcolm Gittoes-Caesar | Read bio
Principal Lawyer
Accredited Family Law Specialist
Coleman Greig Lawyers

Melinda Upton

Melinda Upton | Read bio
Minds Count Foundation
Member of the Board of the Corporate Mental Health Alliance (Australia)

Courtney Bowie

Courtney Bowie | Read bio
Principal Solicitor
Her Lawyer

Juliana Warner. President, The Law Society of NSW

Juliana Warner 
2021 Law Society President



Format: On-demand webcast
Recorded: 9 September 2021
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R U OK? resources

R U OK? inspires and empowers people to connect and lend support to those in their world who may be struggling. We support the work they do and encourage you to explore their resources, designed to help you recognise the signs someone is struggling and start a genuine conversation. Visit

Make time to ask are you ok




In collaboration with Minds Count Foundation and NSW Young Lawyers

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If you or someone you know needs support, help is available.  

The Solicitor Outreach Service (SOS) is an independent and confidential counselling service for NSW solicitors. Call 1800 592 296 to access this service.

If you're not a NSW solicitor and you need support, Lifeline provides all Australians access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. Call 13 11 14 to access this service.

For information about other nationally available mental health support services, click here.