A fireside chat

with Paul Callaghan

Staying Well in the Law with Aboriginal Lore
Paul Callaghan
Founder/CEO, Callaghan Cultural Consultancy


The busyness of life can get in the way of us noticing the special moments in each day. We know that practising gratitude and being present in the moment are good for wellbeing, but time pressures can get in the way of good intentions.

In this fireside chat, President Joanne van der Plaat and Paul Callaghan explore the benefits of viewing the world from beyond Western perspectives and discuss how Aboriginal Lore remains relevant to achieving wellbeing in modern times.

On 8 June 2022, we held a special breakfast to mark the first in-person Staying Well in the Law event, and learned ways to slow down the rush and live your best story.


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Callaghan Cultural Consultancy

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       The Law Society of New South Wales

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8 June 2022


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“When the journey of your life approaches its autumn, imagine being able to look back and feel good about where you have been, what you have learned and what you have done. Imagine being able to say to yourself that you have lived the best story possible, walked your footsteps and embraced your new palette of colours at all times.”

Excerpt from The Dreaming Path by Paul Callaghan

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