Application for a Practising Certificate

If you are a barrister making an application for an Australian practising certificate as a solicitor in New South Wales, you are required to provide the following documentation:

  • A completed Application form for Grant of an Australian Practising Certificate as a Solicitor.
  • A Certificate of Fitness from the New South Wales Bar Association, which is no more than 28 days old (Please note if you are the holder of a current barrister’s practising certificate, you must surrender that certificate to the Bar Association before a solicitor's practising certificate may be granted).
  • Details of practice in any other jurisdiction by submitting a Certificate of Fitness and Good Standing, which is no more than 28 days old, issued by the body issuing practising certificates in each of the relevant jurisdictions.
  • A brief resume of legal practice/work experience undertaken since your admission as a legal practitioner.

Please send these documents to The Law Society Registry together with payment for fees.

What conditions will be imposed?

Generally you will be issued with a practising certificate authorising you to engage in legal practice as an employee of a law practice that is subject to:

If you are intending to practise as a sole practitioner, you will require a practising certificate that is not subject to condition 2 (the requirement to engage in supervised legal practice). To apply to remove condition 2, please make a submission by way of a statutory declaration addressing the Supervised Legal Practice Guidelines for consideration by the Law Society's Licensing Committee.