Practice Management


Condition 3 is a discretionary condition imposed pursuant to s 53 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) and Rule 16(b)(ii) of the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015. If a practising certificate is subject to this condition, the holder must complete a Practice Management Course (PMC) before being eligible to practise as a principal of a law practice. 

The PMC aims to equip legal practitioners with the skills they need to act as a principal including efficient and cost effective practice and business management, quality of services to clients, general leadership skills and the use of quality systems and procedures. 

When a PMC has been completed, the course provider will notify the Law Society directly and, only then, will condition 3 to be removed from the relevant practitioner's practising certificate.  

Revised Legal practice management course guidelines were approved by the Law Society's Council in November 2015.  

Information for course participants

The following course providers have been accredited:

The Law Society of NSW
The College of Law
FMRC Legal 
University of NSW

For further course information including schedules, please visit the relevant course providers’ website.  

Information for course providers

Any organisation seeking to become an accredited PMC provider must make an application to the accrediting body.  The Law Society has appointed an independent reviewer for all applications. All applicants are encouraged to read and make reference to the evaluation criteria set out in the Evaluation criteria guidelines when applying.

The Legal practice management course guidelines provide information on the course requirements.

Note: firms with 35 or more partners can apply for accreditation to provide courses in-house.