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Costs Committee

In response to the complex legislative framework for costs, the Law Society has established a committee and a Legal Costs Unit. Together these two areas have been involved in:

  • the consultation process about amendments to the legislation governing costs
  • assisting solicitors in NSW to understand their rights and obligations under that legislation
  • addressing policy issues and analysing case law to discern how individual cases affect the profession

Costs Committee

The Costs Committee consists of solicitors from a range of practice types. Its role is to:

  • monitor the effect of the Civil Procedure Act 2005 and the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules with respect to costs
  • monitor the efficacy of the costs assessment scheme
  • examine and comment on legislation and law reform proposals relating to solicitors’ costs

These activities aim to reduce the regulatory burden for solicitors, simplify the provisions in the legislation and ensure its effectiveness.

The Costs Committee also produces a range of information resources such as the Costs Guidebook and handles direct enquires from solicitors.

Legal Costs Unit

Part of the Law Society’s Professional Standards Department, the Legal Costs Unit assists the profession with guidance on costs queries.

The Unit researches relevant costs developments, including involvement in costs policy development.

It also provides Costs education to the profession, including the publication of articles in the LSJ and CPD for practitioners both at the Law Society and at law practices.

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Current Committee Members

Committee Member


Shane Butcher Law Partners Compensation Lawyers
John Dobson John C. Dobson Solicitor
Adam Halstead Adam Halstead
Mary Macken Blacktown City Council
Christopher Lehmann Gerard Malouf & Partners
Matthew Lo Kerin Benson Lawyers
Roshana May Roshana May Lawyer
Bernie Musry Doyles Construction Lawyers
Ross Nicholas Costsplus
Sue Robey Susan L Robey
Kerrie Rosati DGT Costs Lawyers
Roslyn Walker Costacomp
Chris Wall Walker Gibbs & King