Public Record

December 2020


Smart ideas for government lawyers


Trump, RBG, Barrett: Lessons from a juridico-political battleground

A look at the US Supreme Court appointment process compared to the Australian High Court. Read more.

GoFundMe: The gift that keeps on giving?
A closer look at the complex legal issues raised by crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe.
When is a complaint or inquiry a protected ‘workplace right’?
Federal Court insights on the types of complaints protected under general protection provisions.
Religion and reform: religious freedom debate
Join our expert panel on Tuesday 8 December as they explore the potential legal impacts of the proposed reforms and the changing landscape for many solicitors and their clients.
Just Trivia – 16 December 2020 
Who said lawyers aren’t competitive? Nobody. Sign up for an hour of online fun for a great cause. Proceeds will support the 2020 President’s Charity, Foodbank NSW & ACT. Register as an individual or team of up to eight people now.
LSJ Explains: Defamation
A surge in defamation cases pushed NSW to update its laws this year, but whether the changes will have an impact – and when – remains to be seen. LSJ's Kate Allman explores this hot topic with Mark Speakman in the latest instalment of LSJ Explains. 
Humour: Creative defences for villains
LSJ argues the defence for some of fiction’s most notorious criminals including bad boy Voldemort.