Bush Web Regional Law


What we do

The BushWeb Regional Issues Committee is responsible for providing and facilitating peer support for NSW Young Lawyers members throughout NSW, particularly those in regional and rural areas.

The aim of BushWeb is to:

  • use the internet and technology to bridge physical distances and connect young lawyers in regional and rural areas to others in their region and throughout NSW;
  • facilitate and encourage communication between NSW Young Lawyers and regional young lawyers members;
  • enable regional young lawyers members to participate in NSW Young Lawyers committees and events, both in person and via the use of technology; and
  • enable regional members to hold events, CPDs and effectively network in their regions.

BushWeb also coordinates the 29 “Regional Delegates” that are appointed by each Regional Law Society to act as their NSW Young Lawyers representative. These Regional Delegates act as both a representative of NSW Young Lawyers in their region, and as a representative of their region to the organisation. The Regional Delegates also coordinate their own email list of young lawyers in their region, which enables them to build networks in that particular region (the “Creating Networks” program).

Our Initiatives

We monitor specialised areas of business law, such as corporate law (including takeovers), banking and finance, taxation and anti-money laundering.

Our activities centre around:

  • providing a forum for the dissemination of developments in business law
  • holding dialogue on all relevant business law issues
  • providing submissions on proposed State and Federal amendments to business law
  • facilitating and encouraging networking with other committees and professional groups
  • staging of regular social events

Who we are

Chair: Melissa Mastronardi
Vice Chair: Rodney Quiggin
Secretary: Lucy Kelly

How we keep in touch

Due to the vast spread of committee members, BushWeb does not hold regular committee meetings, and instead operates via an email list.