Change leadership for lawyers

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In the current climate, understanding how to manage change – whether transformational or crisis-driven, planned or emergent – is even more vital. How do you bring in innovations that address real problems faced by the profession? How, in the process, can you create a change-ready culture where lawyers are interested in, and ready and rewarded for those changes?

Join the discussion via on demand webcast, where Dr Justine Rogers and Dr Felicity Bell of UNSW Law present their research findings on the 2019 FLIP Stream topic: Change leadership for Lawyers. As part of this research, Drs Rogers and Bell interviewed change leaders from across the legal profession, and these findings will be presented during the webcast.

Drs Rogers and Bell delve into issues of change leadership for lawyers, exploring how organisations can bring in innovations that address real problems faced by the profession where they can create change-ready culture where practitioners can confidently participate in and adapt to change, but also how involuntary change can be best managed.  Topics to be covered include:

  • Lawyers and change – who are we trying to change?
  • The context for change.
  • Current examples of changing being pursued by change leaders.
  • Types of change: transformational, crisis-driven, planned and emergent.
  • Managing emergent change in times of crisis - or responding to involuntary change.
  • A framework and set of strategies for lawyers to effectively pursue their own visions for change.

Hear from Richard Harvey, President of the Law Society, as he announces the 2020 FLIP Stream research topic. 

Upon registration you will receive the webcast details to view on demand and a copy of the research primer providing an in-depth understanding of the topics outlined above. 

FLIP Stream is the research collaboration between the Law Society of NSW and UNSW Law.


Dr Justine Rogers
Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director,

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Dr Felicity Bell
FLIP Stream Research Fellow,

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Richard Harvey
The Law Society of NSW

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