Support and information for

common practice problems

Support for common problems

 The Law Society has a range of services and resources to support solicitors for issues commonly faced in practice that can cause stress or negatively impact on solicitors’ wellbeing.

Financial difficulties

Financial strain can be a cause of anxiety and stress. No one should feel that things are so bad that they cannot ask for help. The Solicitors’ Benevolent Association can provide financial relief to solicitors, as well as former solicitors, their families or surviving spouse and dependents, to support them in times of adversity.

The circumstances in which the Solicitors’ Benevolent Association may provide relief are varied. The Association may provide relief, for example, for serious adversity due to short-term incapacity, long-term illness, disability or bereavement, as well as circumstances of need due to family breakdown or violence. Each application is assessed individually. The Association provides targeted grants for specific purposes; these may be, for example, assistance with payment of medical bills or loans.

To find out more information about making an application, you may either call (02) 9926 0378 or contact the Secretary of the Association Andrew Brown on 0413 440 703 or for more details.

The Solicitors’ Benevolent Association is independent of the Law Society and all information about individuals’ applications and the circumstances of their need is strictly confidential.

Regulatory and ethics compliance support

The Law Society offers solicitors confidential assistance to prevent regulatory compliance issues from escalating into complaints and disciplinary actions, as well as to support their compliance with their ethical obligations.

To learn more, visit the Ethics and Compliance page.

Facing professional conduct or disciplinary matters

The Professional Conduct Advisory Panel (PCAP) provides support to solicitors who are or may be subject to disciplinary proceedings including complaints, show cause events and trust accounting issues. The assistance is confidential and independent of the regulatory authorities. The panel consists of experienced solicitors who have in-depth knowledge of the procedures relating to conduct and disciplinary matters. 

To learn more, visit the PCAP page.