Our network of expert policy committees draws on the collective experience of members to promote public debate on law reform and legal policy issues.

Join a committee

Members have the opportunity to make a direct impact on law reform and policy development by serving on one of 18 expert policy and practice committees. The Law Society committees bring solicitors together to actively engage in law reform through policy submissions. They also provide solicitors with a range of useful resources in specific areas of practice. Members will be invited to apply for committee positions in September each year.

The Law Society’s committees have their powers, authorities and tasks delegated by the Council. They are established as a source of expert advice and assistance to Council, the Law Society and the profession.

Give back to the community

The Law Society is always looking for volunteers to assist with the annual Mock Trial and Mock Mediation Competitions, in roles such as Mock Trial Magistrate, Mediation Adjudicator, or case writer. Getting involved in the competition is also a great way for lawyers to meet and become involved with their community while providing support to a program that can only succeed wit the involvement of the profession.

Running since 1981, the Mock Trial competition is open to schools across NSW for students in years 10 and 11. Each year the competition engages students from across the state and the ACT with the law. Calling on skills such as lateral thinking, research and analysis, strong communication and improvisation, students are developing into mature community members. These skills are also transferable to other real/life situations, making Mock Trial a key example of life long learning. Thanks to the help of the many lawyers who volunteer their time, students are able to gain a better understanding of the legal system and develop a greater sense of justice.

Mediation is growing in popularity as many Australians are choosing to try mediation over litigation. It is time our students get the skills they need to resolve conflicts without a courtroom. The competition is open to Year 9-10 students and so can work as a natural precursor to the Mock Trial Competition in senior years. Mock Mediation is an initiative of The Law Society of New South Wales assisted by volunteers from the legal profession.

Legal professionals combining their knowledge of the law with the skills of listening, compassion and explanation allow students to go beyond the formal Legal Studies curriculum, putting a human face on lawyers and raising awareness and appreciation of the legal process.

Interested in taking part? Find more information here.