Managing WFH stress

and finding your Third Space

Dr Jemma King
Director & Founder, BioPsychAnalytics


Working from home during the pandemic has blurred the lines between our personal and professional lives, which can leave us feeling worn out, distracted and, if we are not careful, burnt out.

On Thursday 7 October, Dr Jemma King shared practical evidence-based strategies to help prevent burnout, maintain productivity, and boost happiness and wellbeing. Dr King explained how, in the current working from home context, these strategies can help you effectively transition between work-life and home-life. She shared tips for effective virtual communication and avoiding so-called “Zoom fatigue”.

Dr King covered:

  • The neurobiology behind why the current WFH situation is contributing to increased stress, motivational challenges and communication difficulties
  • The Third Space and how this can help you effectively transition between work-life and home-life when working from home
  • Strategies for effective virtual communication
  • How to avoid the cognitive exhaustion caused by videoconferencing


Dr Jemma King

Dr Jemma King | Read bio
Director & Founder, BioPsychAnalytics


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