Congratulations to our 2017 winner

Nayomi Senanayake

About Nayomi

Nayomi is a solicitor at the Crown Solicitor’s Office and has conducted numerous matters in the State Parole Authority.

Whilst conducting a range of matters for the Attorney General of NSW, Nayomi developed a deep understanding of the challenges involved in managing offenders in the community and the risks of recidivism.

Nayomi has a strong awareness of the benefits of rehabilitating offenders, for the individual and community alike - in particular promoting safety and reducing the cost of continued incarceration.

Nayomi's grant proposal

Nayomi was granted the 2017 John Hennessy Legal Scholarship travel to New York and study Harlem Parole Re-entry Court. This will enable Nayomi to make recommendations as to whether a similar scheme could provide improvements to the parole system in New South Wales.

The Harlem Parole Re-entry Court

The Harlem Parole Re-entry Court in New York is a scheme implemented to assist parolees with reintegration into the community by providing access to a range of social services and, ensuring accountability through regular appearances before an administrative law judge who monitors compliance with the program.

We wish Nayomi all the best in her travels and research.

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