The Rural Issues Committee monitors legal issues of relevance to rural practitioners and their clients, focusing on the provision of legal education programs of specific benefit to rural practitioners.

Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Water Entitlement 2016

The contract for the Sale and Purchase of Water Entitlement 2016 is now available from the Law Society's Shop. Please note, the 2016 edition is available in hard copy only.

See the Summary of main changes made in the Contract for the sale and purchase of water entitlement - 2016 edition.

A sample copy of the 2016 edition of the Contract for Sale and Purchase of Water Entitlement is available for inspection here.

Publishers and Educational Institutions wanting to include the sample Contract as part of their publications or teaching materials must obtain a Copyright Clearance from the Copyright Officer by sending an email to

Use of the sample Contract by Publishers and Educational Institutions is subject to the Copyright Guidelines.


These Factsheets have been updated by the members of the NSW Law Society's Rural Issues Committee. The Factsheets were last reviewed in September 2016. They provide practical assistance in areas of rural conveyancing, on the following topics: 


Practitioners acting in transfers for Western Lands Leases should be aware of the fencing requirements of the lease. Non-compliance with boundary fence maintenance requirements by the holder of the lease may effect obtaining the consent to transfer. Further information on this notice.

Rural Issues Conference

Each year the Committee organises the Rural Issues Conference. Featuring an array of presentations from prominent figures, this one-day conference allows practitioners holding NSW Practising Certificates to claim one CPD unit for each hour of instruction.