Indigenous issues

Indigenous issues 

The Indigenous Issues Committee represents the Law Society and its members on policy and practice issues arising in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Our priorities include:

  • Developing and commenting on law reform and legal policy proposals (including preparing submissions, and liaising with government and other stakeholders in this process)
  • Educating the legal profession about changes to the law and the application of ADR, and providing guidance on practice and other issues
  • Exchanging information about issues arising in legal practice (such as recent case law) that may indicate a legal policy issue or concern

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Recent policy submissions

Letter to Law Council of Australia - Operationalising the National Strategic Framework for Information Sharing between the Family Law and Family Violence and Child Protection Systems - 9 August 2021

Letter to Law Council of Australia - Draft National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children - 13 July 2021

Letter to Select Committee - Inquiry into the coronial jurisdiction in NSW - 25 June 2021

Letter to Law Council of Australia - Family Law Amendment (Federal Family Violence Orders) Bill 2021 - 11 June 2021

Letter to NSW Parliament’s Joint Committee on Children and Young People - Inquiry into the NSW child protection and social services system – 17 December 2020

Letter to Select Committee – Inquiry into high levels of First Nations people in custody and oversight of deaths in custody: responses to questions on notice – 26 November 2020

Letter to Law Council of Australia – Consumer credit reforms – 23 November 2020

Letter to Select Committee - Inquiry into the High Level of First Nations People in Custody and Oversight and Review of Deaths in Custody - 7 September 2020

Letter to Crown Land Commissioner - Draft State Strategic Plan for Crown Land - 31 August 2020

Letter to Productivity Commission - Draft Indigenous Evaluation Strategy - 7 August 2020

Letter to the Dept of Communities and Justice - Administrative Review of the Bail Act 2013 - 6 August 2020

Letter to Law Council of Australia - Inquiry into the destruction of caves at Juukan Gorge - 28 July 2020

Letter to Senate Finance and Public Administration Reference Committee - Lessons learned during the Australian bushfire season 2019-20 - 21 May 2020

Letter to Law Council of Australia - Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 - 21 May 2020

Letter to Committee on Children and Young People - Inquiry into the support for the children of imprisoned parents in New South Wales - 28 February 2020

Letter to Law Council of Australia - Council of Attorneys-General Age of Criminal Responsibility Working Group Review -14 February 2020

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2021 Committee list

J. Behrendt (Chair), P. Mulroney (Dep Chair), Z. Armytage, S. Bailey, D. Barker, D. Barnes, E. Bastable,  B. Cansdale, D. Captain-Webb, R. Cook, A. Cregan, S. Crellin, L. De Silva, B. Dufty, M. Dupuis, C. Edwards, D. Elston, M. Gleeson, B. Greenwood, M. Holden, J. Lovric, T. McComsey, P. Mountain, R. Sexton, T. Shepherd, G. Slack-Smith,  A. Vorst-Parkes, J. Weate, T. Wallace (YL Rep).

How to join a committee

Law Society Committees have powers, authorities and tasks delegated by the Council. Consisting of dedicated volunteers, each committee focuses on a particular area of law, pooling together specialist skills and experience in order to scrutinise legislation, court decisions and other government policies.
There are three broad categories of committees:

  • Regulatory committees – perform statutory duties under the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW)
  • Liaison committees – linked to other professions or organisations
  • Policy committees

By drawing on the insights of committees, the Law Society can meet its statutory duties and act as a major player in law reform and policy debates.

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