Climate Change


The Law Society has established this Working Group to consider how best to support its members, and further its advocacy work , in relation to the legal implications of climate change.

Membership of the Group is by invitation of the Policy and Practice Department and based on subject matter expertise.

The Terms of Reference of the Working Group state that its role is to:

  • make recommendations to the Law Society Executive and Council with respect to legislation and law reform dealing with the legal aspects of climate change and environmental and planning law insofar as it relates to climate change;
  • monitor judicial decisions, bills, legislation, policies and programs relevant to climate change issues and Australia’s commitment to its domestic and international obligations
  • assist the Law Society to conduct activities of a professional or educational nature for its members on the issues above, relevant to the legal aspects of climate change, including to publish as appropriate briefing papers, practitioner guidance material, continuing professional development content, journals, papers, or other documents in consultation with relevant Departments of the Law Society.

Practitioner Guidance

The Law Society has prepared practitioner guidance which explores the interaction between climate change legal risks and solicitors’ professional duties. Read our Practitioner Guidance:

Also see the Legal Implications of Climate Change page for helpful resources, articles and CPD.