Environmental planning and development


The Environmental Planning & Development Committee monitors all matters related to environmental planning and development law and represents the Law Society and its members on policy and practice issues arising from it. Our priorities include:

  • Developing and commenting on law reform and legal policy proposals (including preparing submissions, and liaising with government and other stakeholders in this process)
  • Educating the legal profession about changes to the law and providing guidance on practice and other issues
  • Exchanging information about issues arising in legal practice (such as recent case law) that may indicate a legal policy issue or concern

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2024 Committee list

Ms Roslyn McCulloch (Chair), Ms Angela Penklis (Deputy Chair), M. Bonanno, A. Cahill, B. Charlton, R. Chick, D. Fitzclarence, J. Hewitt, K. Huxley, R. Kandola, A. Knox, M. Macken, L. Morphett, S. Murphy, P. Murray,  J. Sheehan, M. Thomas, S. Urlich, P. Vergotis.

How to join a committee
Law Society Committees have powers, authorities and tasks delegated by the Council. Consisting of dedicated
volunteers, each committee focuses on a particular area of law, pooling together specialist skills and experience in
order to scrutinise legislation, court decisions and other government policies.

There are three broad categories of committees:

  • Regulatory committees – perform statutory duties under the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW)
  • Liaison committees – linked to other professions or organisations
  • Policy committees

By drawing on the insights of committees, the Law Society can meet its statutory duties and act as a major player
in law reform and policy debates.

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