Personal Information

Collection Notice

By completing this form you are providing personal information to the Law Society of New South Wales ACN 000 000 699 ABN 98 696 304 966 (we, us, or our).

Who do we collect the personal information from?
We generally collect your personal information directly from you. However, in some cases, we may receive your personal information from a third party (for instance if we receive a complaint) and when it is relevant to our statutory responsibilities (for instance other regulators who have dealt with you).

For what purposes do we collect personal information?
We collect your personal information to:

  • fulfil our functions and responsibilities under, and facilitate compliance with, the Legal Profession Act 2004 (NSW)legal profession legislation (as defined in the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014)), the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), the Professional Standards Act 1994 and associated regulations (which require and authorise us to collect certain information) including to maintain regulatory and corporate records;
  • fulfil our role as a professional association including:
    • maintaining membership records
    • communicating with you to offer products, services and events and when you obtain a product or service or come to an event
    • to conduct research and provide public representation; and
  • provide information to third parties as authorised or required by law.

What if we didn't collect this personal information?
Without your personal information we may not be able to process your application or request, perform our statutory functions or provide you with some or all of the services of the Law Society as a professional association.

Who are the types of bodies and persons to whom we usually disclose your personal information?
Your personal information may be provided to:

  • persons distributing information relevant to you as a legal practitioner or member of the Law Society;
  • subsidiaries of the Law Society, the College of Law, Lawcover and other professional indemnity insurers and practising certificate funders;
  • our professional advisors and contractors (strictly on the basis that the information is to be used only for providing services to the Law Society and must not be disclosed);
  • Australian regulators and government entities (such as the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner) and overseas regulators; and
  • organisations that represent the legal profession such as the Law Council of Australia and Regional Law Societies.

Disclosure overseas
If you practise in a foreign country (or apply to do so) we may send your personal information overseas in response to an inquiry from the relevant authority in that place.

We use the services of certain third party service providers which may have offices or other operations outside of Australia. As a result, your personal information may be disclosed to overseas recipients. All service providers that have access to personal information held by us are required to keep the information confidential and not to make use of it for any purpose other than to provide services in accordance with their engagement.

You can access and correct your personal information
Our privacy policy contains information about how you may access your personal information and seek correction of such information; as well as how to complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will deal with such a complaint. Our privacy policy is accessible here.

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