Mental health issues impacting rural law practice

In conversation with

Mary O’Brien
Founder and CEO of ‘Are you bogged mate?’


There are unique challenges and stressors facing rural and remote communities.

In this session, which was recorded as part of the Rural Issues Conference 2021, Mary O’Brien discusses: 

•    The mental health challenges and stressors impacting rural law practice
•    How to talk about mental health 
•    The signs to look out for and ways of being supportive
•    The importance of being proactive in looking after your mental health
•    Accessing help
•    The strengths and resilience of rural and remote communities



Mary O’Brien | Read bio
Founder, Director and CEO,
‘Are You Bogged Mate?’


Miriam Wyzenbeek | Read bio
Wellbeing Manager, The Law Society of NSW


Format: On-demand webcast
Recorded: 29 October 2021
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If you or someone you know needs support, help is available.  

The Solicitor Outreach Service (SOS) is an independent and confidential counselling service for NSW solicitors. Call 1800 592 296 to access this service.

If you're not a NSW solicitor and you need support, Lifeline provides all Australians access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. Call 13 11 14 to access this service.

For information about other nationally available mental health support services, click here.