David Castle


Professional expertise

  • Solicitor for over 50 years having practised as a sole practitioner and small / medium firm partner.
  • Specialising in professional regulation, administrative law, mediation and business law generally.
  • Long-term involvement with the Law Society including being on the Council, ethics committee, statutory committee, legal profession tribunal, alternative dispute resolution committee and business law committee – among others.
  • Former Law Society accredited Business Law Specialist.
  • Experienced in the professional regulation of lawyers, tax agents, accountants, liquidators, migration agents and stockbrokers.
  • Former chair of the Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board (CALDB) and the Tax Agent’s Board of New South Wales and inaugural president of the City Of Sydney Law Society.
  • Current panel member of the Small Business Ombudsman tax advisers’ service.
  • Former Supreme Court Costs Assessor.
  • I normally have time for urgent enquiries as some callers require immediate assurance.

Geographic Considerations

  • My home office is in Lindfield, NSW 2070.
  • With zoom conferencing, paperless offices and ready access to resources online, physical location is not a problem.

Put yourself First

  • Every enquiry presents its own challenges. In our profession we spend so much time advising clients, that we frequently overlook our own problems – which will not just go away.
  • I try to re-assure enquirers that their situation is probably not unique and is “not the end of the world”. There are normally a range of options available, with a view to making the best case possible in all circumstances.
  • At the very least, being able to share your concerns will help to allay panic and minimise further anxiety, disbelief or depression.


  • I have published papers in the Law Society Journal on legal professional privilege and on incorporated associations/guarantee companies. I have also published three articles in the Insolvency Law Bulletin on the new disciplinary environment for insolvency practitioners. I also write the Law Council of Australia tax committee submissions on tax agents and Tax Practitioner Board publications.
  • Through the PCAP I am provided with constantly updated case and statute law and the opportunity for regular meetings with my fellow panellists.
  • Additionally each panel member has been given a large volume of the law governing the legal profession in Australia. The various Acts, Rules, and Regulations – while available on the web – are not easy to find, so this is a valuable resource.