Practising Certificate


The annual fees for a practising certificate include:

  • Practising certificate fee – this is the same fee for all practising certificate holders.
  • Contribution to the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund – this is only applicable for practitioners who wish to be granted a principal or employee practising certificate. Corporate legal practitioners and government legal practitioners are not required to make a contribution.

A membership fee is also payable if you elect to become a solicitor member of The Law Society of New South Wales. Read more about the benefits of membership.

Important fee information

Changing your practising certificate may attract additional fees/contributions. An additional Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund contribution will be required if your practising certificate changes for corporate legal practitioner or government legal practitioner to principal or employee of a law practice. 

For a description of all fees payable, please see the Scale of Fees

Note: All fees are halved after 1 January each year.