Harrington Maguire & O’Brien / Mark Leo O’Brien

Claims final date: 26 August 2019


The Council of The Law Society of New South Wales invites claims against the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund from any person who has suffered pecuniary loss because of default by the law practice Harrington Maguire & O’Brien arising from the conduct of an associate of that law practice, Mark Leo O’Brien. The law practice Harrington Maguire & O’Brien was conducted in recent years at Suite 208A, Edgecliff Centre, 203-233 New South Head Road, Edgecliff and earlier at 8th floor, 32 York Street, Sydney, New South Wales.

Under the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) a default occurs where:

  1. the law practice received trust money or trust property in the course of legal practice by the law practice; and
  2. (a)the law practice has failed to pay or deliver the trust money or trust property, and that failure arises from an act or omission of an associate that involves fraud or other dishonesty; or
    (b)there has been a fraudulent dealing with trust property arising from or constituted by an act or omission of an associate that involves fraud or other dishonesty.

An associate includes a solicitor, employee or agent. Fidelity cover relating to financial services or investments is restricted (see rule 85 of the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015).

A claim must be made on the approved form. To obtain a claim form and information brochure, please write to the Manager of the Fidelity Fund Department of The Law Society of New South Wales at 170 Phillip Street Sydney NSW 2000. Information is also available on the Law Society’s website

Completed claim forms must be received at the Law Society by 26 August 2019. A claim cannot be made after 26 August 2019, unless the Law Society Council or the Supreme Court allows further time.

If you believe you have suffered loss from one of these solicitors or firms you may make a claim to the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund.

Your claim must be received by the Law Society no later than the final date fixed in the advertisement. A late claim will only be considered if the Law Society allows further time. If a solicitor or law firm is not advertised you can still make a claim.