Trust accounting


There are several trust accounting software packages available on the market. Before purchasing one of them, make sure it has the capacity to comply with the law.

The Trust Accounts Department, at the request of the software supplier, carefully examines software packages to ensure compliance with the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) and the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015 (the Uniform Law).

Trust accounting software packages that have been examined and certified by us as complying systems under the Uniform Law are listed below with the identifying certificate number. Please request a copy of the certificate prior to purchase as some software packages have only been examined in relation to their capacity in relation to general trust accounts as defined in S128 of the Uniform Law. The exclusions are included in the certificate.

Please note that some of these packages need to be correctly set up for NSW. This will need to be confirmed with the supplier prior to installation.

Certificate Number 1

Certificate Number 7

Cabenet Legal Accounting Version TRX-12
Cabenet Accounting Services 
T: 0438 217 585

Open Practice version 8.2
GlobalX Legal Solutions Pty Ltd
T: 1300 366 002

Certificate Number 2

Certificate Number 8

Absolute Trust & Office Management (ATOM)
Intelligent Concepts Pty Ltd
T: 1300 765 418

LEAP Office Accounting Version 10.2
LEAP Legal Software
T: 1300 607 625

Certificate Number 3

Certificate Number 9

BHL Insight
BHL Software Pty Ltd trading as BHL Software
T: 1300 132 385
Actionstep Limited
T: 02 8011 3682

Certificate Number 4

Certificate Number 10

SILQ Solicitor 8 for Mac & PC
Silqware Pty Ltd
T: 1300 556 689

Lexis Affinity Version 7.1
Reed International Books Australia Pty Ltd T/as

T: 1800 772 772

Certificate Number 5

Certificate Number 11

FilePro version
FilePro Pty Limited
T: 1300 65 33 80

LEAP Cloud Version 1.11
LEAP Legal Software
T: 1300 607 625

Certificate Number 6

Certificate Number 12

B Series Version W5
B & C Legal Software Solutions Pty Ltd 
T: 1300 888 738 

Wise Owl Legal Practice Management Software
Wise Owl Legal Pty Ltd
T: 1800 199 682


Certificate Number 13

  Thomson Reuters Infinitylaw 9.18.20
Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Limited
T: 1300 304 195


Certificate Number 14

  Migration Manager
Migration Manager Pty Ltd 
T: 1300 721 773