Family Law

Settlement Service

The FLSS is a mediation program designed specifically for family law matters, including parenting and property disputes. Parenting matters will be allocated to Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs). The idea is to attempt mediation in order to avoid the costs, uncertainty and delays of having your dispute determined at a final hearing.

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How does the FLSS work?

Parties participate in mediation to maintain control of the decision-making process and to make a good faith attempt to resolve their dispute. The mediator will provide a structure for parties to find common ground and discuss the issues in dispute. All agreements are made between the parties – there are no imposed decisions. Solicitors should refer to the FLSS process if they deem the program suitable for their clients.

How much does it cost?

The fee payable is $1200.00 per party – this fee covers the mediator’s fees ($1000.00) and the FLSS administration fee ($200.00). The fee covers:
• A two-hour preliminary conference and preparation (one hour per party); and
• A three-hour mediation session

If the mediation goes for longer than three hours, then the parties will be charged at an hourly rate as advised by the mediator during the preliminary conference. Any additional costs for venue hire (if required) are shared between the parties.

Who is on the FLSS panel?

The panel consists of solicitors who are also qualified mediators. To be appointed to the panel they must have demonstrated that they have a substantial involvement in family law in the three years prior to being appointed. They will conduct conflict of interest checks before agreeing to be appointed to your matter to ensure impartiality.

How to apply

To apply, please send a written request including contact details for each party and confirmation of whether the matter relates to parenting, property or both to our ADR team at

For matters that have been ordered to attend mediation under the FLSS by the Court, please also include a copy of these Court Orders. We will then request payment of $1200.00 from each party to be paid within 14 days.