Police targeting of NSW solicitor completely unacceptable


All comments to be attributed to Juliana Warner, President, Law Society of NSW

“I have written to the NSW Police Commissioner, Michael Fuller APM, on behalf of the legal profession expressing my concerns about the conduct uncovered by the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) report relating to Operation Monza, which has been tabled in Parliament.

“The deliberate targeting of a solicitor, as uncovered by the Commission, so as to impede his or her ability to represent his or her client at court, is completely unacceptable and has raised significant concerns across the legal profession.

“It presents a real threat to the community’s belief that the criminal justice system is operating as it should.

“I also noted in my letter to the Police Commissioner that the LECC found that three officers engaged in serious police misconduct and recommended that further action be considered in relation to that misconduct.

“I look forward to the Police Commissioner’s response to the Commission’s report.”