Monday Briefs online


25 May 2020


A milestone in the road back from COVID-19

Today marks a milestone in the road back from COVID-19 with the state’s school students returning to school full time today, businesses starting to re-open, and workplaces preparing for employees to return to the office in a COVIDsafe, staged manner.

Our courts are also preparing to ease lockdown measures, albeit with strict physical distancing guidelines in place. The Supreme Court will resume some face-to-face civil hearings from 1 June and criminal jury trials from 29 June 2020. Jury trials will also resume on a limited basis in the Sydney District Court, Parramatta District Court and the Newcastle District Court. However, in order to avoid congestion in District Court premises and courtrooms, there will be no change to the Court’s policy that all lists in the Court’s criminal jurisdiction, including arraignments and readiness hearings, are to be conducted by use of a virtual courtroom.