Statement on the death of Queen Elizabeth II

President of the Law Society of NSW Joanne van der Plaat


The Law Society of NSW notes with sorrow the passing of Queen Elizabeth II after a life of service marked by dedication to her role.

At the beginning of her reign, the Queen pledged to devote her ‘whole life’ to her duties as monarch, a promise she fulfilled when appointing Britain’s new Prime Minister just two days before she died.

Each working day, NSW lawyers engage in the administration of justice in courtrooms, many of which bear the coat of arms of the United Kingdom, symbolising the source of Australia’s rule of law. Prosecutors represent her in countless criminal cases where Her Majesty is listed as a party identified as Regina or simply The Queen.

Australians’ views on the role of the monarchy may differ and for many Indigenous people in particular, the institution represents the pain and dispossession they have experienced since colonisation.

During her reign of 70 years, the Queen was a constant in the lives of many millions across the Commonwealth of Nations and the world, gaining broad respect for her grace and steadfastness in a period of immense change in the world.

Her Majesty’s dignity and dedication to duty spanning generations have been an inspiration to many. The Law Society conveys our condolences to The Royal Family and the people of the United Kingdom.

Friday, 9 September 2022