Workplace and Safety Law


What we do

The Workplace and Safety Law (WSL) Committee is a forum for a diverse range of young lawyers and students with a common interest in employment, industrial, work health and safety law. The Workplace and Safety Law Committee’s members meet regularly to discuss topical workplace issues, participate in the committee’s annual events and otherwise discuss and monitor new and interesting developments in this specialised field of practice. The committee is made up of a diverse group of lawyers in private practice, trade unions, government and in-house, as well as associates, tipstaffs and law students.

Our initiatives

  • The Workplace and Safety Law Committee gives young lawyers and law students the opportunity to ask questions of their peers on points of law, share experiences, and pass on knowledge in a collegiate and supportive environment.
  • The committee regularly facilitates discussion in areas of reform at the Federal and State levels and provides young lawyers and students with the opportunity to debate current workplace issues.
  • In addition to monthly meetings the committee regularly invites guest speakers from within the industry, such as barristers and senior lawyers, to speak to members.
  • The Workplace and Safety Law Committee coordinate a number of exciting networking and professional opportunities, including the prestigious ‘McCallum Medal Competition’ and the ‘State of the Unions Workplace Comedy Debate’.
    • The McCallum Medal Competition is annual public speaking event in honour of Professor Ron McCallum AO, former Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney. This competition provides young lawyers with the opportunity to network in their specialist area, acquire skills and develop their career.
    • The State of the Unions Workplace Comedy Debate is a fun-filled evening where titans of the field battle it out debating a hilarious, always controversial, and sometimes slightly inappropriate, topic.


Who are we

Committee Chair: Courtney Divani
Vice Chairs: Rebecca Brediceanu
Secretary: Jessica Hatton

What’s happening

Please visit our Facebook page to view our upcoming events

When do we meet?

17 February 2020 6:00pm

16 March 2020 6:00pm

20 April 2020 6:00pm

18 May 2020 6:00pm

15 June 2020 6:00pm

20 July 2020 6:00pm

17 August 2020 6:00pm

21 September 2020 6:00pm

19 October 2020 6:00pm

16 November 2020 6:00pm

Please note: NSW Young Lawyers committee meetings are currently being hosted via Zoom. To find out more information about our meetings visit our Facebook page or email