Criminal Law


What we do

The Criminal Law Committee is a diverse group of lawyers and students from around NSW who share an interest in criminal law. The committee aims to educate the legal profession and the wider community about criminal law developments and issues. The committee also facilitates seminars and programs that help to develop the careers of aspiring criminal lawyers, with the aim of providing a peer support network and a forum for young lawyers to discuss issues of concern.

Our initiatives

  • The committee keeps its members up to date with developments in criminal law through case law and legislation updates at every meeting, as well as hosting guest speakers to discuss current issues and topics, including new sentencing laws.
  • The committee makes submissions to various Commonwealth and State agencies regarding law reform. This includes the NSW Law Reform Commission’s Review of Consent in relation to Sexual Offences (2018).
  • The committee hosts a number of events catered to young lawyers. These include the ‘Confidence in the Courtroom’ which provides an opportunity for new practitioners to develop their advocacy skills and the national award-winning mentoring program, ‘A Day in the Life of a Criminal Lawyer’, where law students are paired with practising criminal lawyers.
  • The committee also hosts a number of networking and educational events throughout the year, such as the 2018 ‘Vicarious Trauma Panel’ where three experienced panellists (including a District Court Judge, Social Worker and Federal Prosecutor) share their experiences and tips for dealing with traumatic material. Additionally, the 2019 Judge’s Series features judges speaking on various aspects of criminal law and practice.
  • The committee has produced multiple publications including the Practitioner’s Guide to Criminal Law and the Careers Guide. In addition to the committee’s publications, members can also access the committee’s blog, ‘Amicus,’ which provides a forum for high quality analysis of criminal law cases, legislation updates and tips.

Who we are

Vice Chair: TBC
Secretary: Sarah Hedberg

What’s happening

Please visit our Facebook page to view our upcoming events.


When do we meet?

26 February 2020 6:00pm

25 March 2020 6:00pm

29 April 2020 6:00pm

27 May 2020 6:00pm

24 June 2020 6:00pm

29 July 2020 6:00pm

26 August 2020 6:00pm

30 September 2020 6:00pm

28 October 2020 6:00pm

25 November 2020 6:00pm

Please note: NSW Young Lawyers committee meetings are currently being hosted via Zoom. To find out more information about our meetings visit our Facebook page or email