Communications, Entertainment and Technology Law


What we do

The Communications, Entertainment & Technology Law Committee (CET) supports and serves the interests of lawyers, law students and other members of the community who work in or are interested in areas of law relating to communications, entertainment and technology. This includes intellectual property, advertising, consumer protection and media, entertainment, information and communications technology, as well as data, privacy and security. The CET Committee provides an excellent forum for professional networking, learning and knowledge sharing.

Our initiatives

  • The Communications, Entertainment & Technology Law Committee provides its members with the opportunity to hear about and discuss developments in case law and legislation, policy and law reform, and industry news. The e-SIG Wrap, presented by the CET Special Interest Group Leaders at the Committee’s monthly meeting, is a great opportunity for young lawyers to learn more about current developments in the field.
  • Meetings also include a monthly ‘My Job’ discussion, where industry-leading professionals are invited to present on their career and the path that lead them to their position.
  • The committee regularly provides information to publications and members have the opportunity to contribute to submissions to governments/ government departments in relation to law reform and policy relating to communications, entertainment and technology law.
  • Joining the committee is a great way to meet, engage and network with like-minded individuals. As well as have the opportunity to contribute and participate in wellbeing activities.
  • Members are also welcome to participate in the many educational programs that the committee both run and support, such as the intra-committee mentoring program ‘CET-UP’ and Connect Events, as well as the various committee panel discussions throughout the year, including ‘the NSW Young Lawyers Defamation Panel Discussion’, ‘a Fireside Chat on Financial Crime’, and popular ‘PIVOT’ event which was highly commended in the 2018 Patron Awards.

Who we are

Chair: Ashleigh Fehrenbach
Vice Chair: Jaimie Wolbers
Vice Chair: Irene Halforty
Secretary: Fiona Lu

What's happening

Visit our Facebook page to view our upcoming events.


When do we meet?

17 February 2020 6:00pm

16 March 2020 6:00pm

20 April 2020 6:00pm

18 May 2020 6:00pm

15 June 2020 6:00pm

20 July 2020 6:00pm

17 August 2020 6:00pm

21 September 2020 6:00pm

19 October 2020 6:00pm

16 November 2020 6:00pm

Please note: NSW Young Lawyers committee meetings are currently being hosted via Zoom. To find out more information about our meetings visit our Facebook page or email