Civil Litigation


What we do

The Civil Litigation Sub-Committee promotes understanding of civil litigation and dispute resolution in the profession, offering a support base and informative resources for subscribers. The Sub-Committee is involved with all aspects of civil litigation, with a focus on advocacy, evidence and procedure in all jurisdictions. The Civil Litigation Sub-Committee is a collegiate body where subscribers can discuss topical issues, acquire skills and learn more about the legal profession.

Our initiatives

  • The Civil Litigation Sub-Committee is dedicated to developing the knowledge and skills of its subscribers, with most meetings involving either a guest speaker or a short presentation by a Sub-Committee subscriber about an area of law or legal development relevant to the Sub-Committee.
  • The Sub-Committee is represented on five of the Law Society of New South Wales standing committees (Litigation Law & Practice, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Costs, Injury Compensation, and Elder Law, Capacity & Succession), ensuring that the subscribers to the Civil Litigation Sub-Committee are kept up to date, and are able to pass on their own views in respect of significant developments within the law and legal practice.
  • The Sub-Committee seeks to foster relationships and peer support between its subscribers through social events. In particular, the Sub-Committee hosts an annual comedy ‘Great Debate’ and an annual ‘Speed Networking’ night, both intended to give subscribers the opportunity to meet and enjoy themselves away from the formalities of legal study and practice.
  • The Sub-Committee produces high-quality submissions to government and law reform bodies on dispute resolution practice and professional issues. On numerous occasions, the Sub-Committee has been invited to participate in in-person consultation sessions with relevant law reform bodies.
  • The Sub-Committee has published the ‘Practitioner’s Guide to Civil Litigation’, a handbook now in its fourth edition, giving young (and old) lawyers a simple and practical guide to all steps involved in civil litigation.

Who we are

Chair: Lauren Absalom
Vice Chair: Ellen Ferris
Secretary: Bernie Musry

What's happening

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When do we meet?

Monthly - First Wednesday 

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7 February 2024 6:00pm

3 July 2024 6:00pm

6 March 2024 6:00pm 

7 August 2024 6:00pm

3 April 2024 6:00pm

4 September 2024 6:00pm

1 May 2024 6:00pm

2 October 2024 6:00pm

5 June 2024 6:00pm

6 November 2024 6:00pm

Policy submissions

You can view the NSW Young Lawyers Civil Litigation Sub-Committee policy submissions here.