Communications, Entertainment and Technology Law


What we do

The Communications, Entertainment & Technology Law Sub-Committee (CET) supports and serves the interests of lawyers, law students and other members of the community who work in or are interested in areas of law relating to communications, entertainment and technology. This includes intellectual property, advertising, consumer protection and media, entertainment, information and communications technology, as well as data, privacy and security. The CET Sub-Committee provides an excellent forum for professional networking, learning and knowledge sharing.

Our initiatives

  • The Communications, Entertainment & Technology Law Sub-Committee provides its subscribers with monthly case law and legislation, policy and law reform, and industry news updates, plus a chance for active discussion led by Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Liaisons. We run regular ‘My Job’ presentations, where industry-leading professionals are invited to present on their career and the path that lead them to their position (which have recently included in-house counsel for a big four bank, general counsel for emerging legal tech, a CEO with sports law experience, and a leading academic in AI and law).
  • The Sub-Committee is active in the advocacy space and has produced significant submissions to government in relation to law reform and policy relating to communications, entertainment and technology law, and has been asked to consult on a number of occasions following those submissions.
  • Joining the Sub-Committee connects you to a broad network of practicing lawyers, students, and others with a legal background, who, through practice or passion, all share a deep interest in CET subjects, and meeting others in that space, in a supportive and welcoming context. 
  • CET also runs professional development events, including those suggested and supported by attendees, which have recently included a panel on the News Media Bargaining Code ("News Media Bargaining Code v Facebook (a tale of two giants)"), and have historically included our award nominated Financial Crime Fireside Chat, and ‘SIGnificant Events’ panel, which brought together experts from communications, entertainment, and technology, for discussion lead by our very own SIG team.

Who we are

Chair: Bob Liang
Vice Chair: Sheenae LeCornu
Secretary: Sheona Robertson

What's happening

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When do we meet?

2023 Monthly - Third Monday

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19 February 2024 6:00pm

15 July 2024 6:00pm

18 March 2024 6:00pm

19 August 2024 6:00pm

15 April 2024 6:00pm

16 September 2024 6:00pm

20 May 2024 6:00pm

21 October 2024 6:00pm

17 June 2024 6:00pm

18 November 2024 6:00pm

Policy submissions

You can view the NSW Young Lawyers Communications, Entertainment and Technology Law Sub-Committee policy submissions here.