Business Law


What we do

The Business Law Sub-Committee brings together students and practitioners in early stages of their career to disseminate developments in business law, discuss relevant issues and share ideas about improving the profession and the practice of business law. The purpose of this Sub-Committee is to educate young practitioners, represent their voices and to assist with their transition into the legal practice.

Our initiatives

  • The Business Law Sub-Committee regularly invites industry professionals to speak at their monthly meetings to enhance value for subscribers. The Sub-Committee provides a representative cross-section of speakers from commercial practice, the Bar, industry leaders and directors of legal professional bodies.
  • The Sub-Committee regularly host professional and social networking events for members, including panels and workshops. These events feature speakers with specific expertise in areas such as:
    • Commercial law
    • Banking and finance
    • Taxation 
    • Anti-money-laundering
    • Cryptocurrencies and fintech
    • Competition and consumer law  
    • Insolvency
    • Intellectual property law
  • The Sub-Committee contributes to a range of publications and submissions on proposed legislative changes.
  • The Sub-Committee also promotes the wellbeing of its subscribers by encouraging participation in events such as City2Surf, as well as regularly discussing common issues faced in the workplace and coping mechanisms for day-to-day practice.

Who we are

Chair: Seth Harlen
Vice Chair: Ara Daquinag
Secretary: Sagang Chung

What's happening

Visit our FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram pages for information about our upcoming meetings and events. 

When do we meet?

Monthly - Third Wednesday 

View agendas, minutes and online meeting details

15 February 2023 6:00pm

19 July 2023 6:00pm

15 March 2023 6:00pm

16 August 2023 6:00pm

19 April 2023 6:00pm

16 September 2023 6:00pm

17 May 2023 6:00pm

18 October 2023 6:00pm

21 June 2023 6:00pm

15 November 2023 6:00pm

Policy submissions

You can view the NSW Young Lawyers Business Law Sub-Committee policy submissions here.