NSW Young Lawyers

Young Justice

The Young Justice Program is an annual event on the NSW Young Lawyers calendar, which aims to educate school students from Year 5 & 6 and Years 7 & 8 in social justice issues, and encourage them to become more actively engaged citizens.

The Program is designed to empower and encourage students to make a real and practical difference in areas of social justice, such as how they can ensure our environment remains sustainable for future generations. Students considering a career in law will also gain insight into what the work of a lawyer involves on a daily basis.

In the program, students will:

  • EXPLORE local and global issues of justice
  • LEARN about the role of the law in bringing about justice in our society
  • DISCUSS strategies to help them make a difference

Students will participate in a range of interactive workshops covering a variety of justice issues including:

  • The Law
  • Human rights
  • Poverty
  • Refugees
  • Animal rights
  • Climate change 


"Alex very much enjoyed her time today and was very appreciative of the opportunity she was provided to represent the school and expand her perspective of world issues. Thank you so much for engineering this session and engaging the hearts and minds of the girls today. Some of the issues addressed today were confrontational for some of our privileged girls and that is a positive thing.... Broader understanding of world issues is critical if we are to develop girls who not only desire to but can develop skills to actually make a difference to their future and that of their generation. Your investment in this activity and inspiration is valued and appreciated." - 2015

Thinking of becoming a lawyer one day?

NSW Young Lawyers have partnered with University of Technology on their Law discovery day events.

This program is offered to Year 11 students and provides an opportunity to meet undergraduates, academics and professionals in law, and explore the possibilities of law as a study option and career. The program features hands-on practical activities, such as a mock trial, and workshops in popular areas of the law, such as human rights and criminal law.

2018 session details will be available on this website in due course.


Please contact UTS for further information:

P: (02) 9514 3747 | E: law@uts.edu.au