The lawyer client


The Law Society aims to make your dealings with the legal profession as productive and successful as possible. One of the ways the Law Society performs this role is by promoting understanding in the community about how solicitors work and their duties to clients and the law.

Knowing what to expect when you hire a solicitor, how fees are charged and what to do should something go wrong are just some of things you can learn from the Law Society.

Standards in the legal profession

Is your solicitor qualified? – an explanation of who can provide legal advice and representation.

Solicitors’ duties to clients – understand the duties solicitors owe to their clients, including confidentiality, avoiding conflict of interests and disclosure.

Other duties of solicitors – read about the duties a solicitor has to the Courts, the profession and the administration of justice.

How you can help

How to help your solicitor – tips on how to assist your solicitor in their work for you.

Fees, costs & money

What your solicitor must tell you - the disclosure requirement and what your solicitor must tell you before commencing work.

How solicitors charge their clients – how fees can be charged, why fees vary and how the ‘no win, no pay’ method works.

Trust and controlled money accounts – definition of trust money and how solicitors must manage it.