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Do I really need a solicitor to sell my house?

Our home is usually our most important asset. Making a mistake or misunderstanding your legal obligations could have a significant impact on your finances and lifestyle.

Once an offer is made, it is likely that any buyer will want to negotiate terms and conditions before they agree to buy. When that happens it is also important that you have someone advising you on what is in your best interests.

This checklist answers common questions about the process for selling a home in NSW and how your solicitor will guide you through each step. It includes important topics like:

  • Preparing the contract for sale
  • What laws you will need to comply with
  • How the conveyancing process works

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Get in touch with a solicitor
If you are thinking about selling a home, you should get in touch with your solicitor as soon as possible. They will help talk you through the process and will be able to give you great advice.

If you do not yet have a solicitor, do not worry. We have made it easy to find one near you through our online Find a lawyer service.